Bristol 100 - Lunch - Bristol Collection

June 13th 2010

This day out was arranged at short notice to replace another event, but we were able to neatly combine two aspects of Bristol transport history, road and air, with a good meal in between!

We assembled at the Rolly-Royce Aero site at Filton, where we augmented a fine display of Bristol cars, buses and trucks that had been brought together in honour of 100 years of Bristol achievement. The conditions were perfect for such a gathering and our lineup included a selection of Alfa, Fiat and Maserati models.

Having taken a look at the gathering, which was particularly interesting as almost the entire display comprised rarely-seen models, we took a sunny drive to the well-known Trouble House Inn just beyond Tetbury, where we enjoyed an excellent lunch and were joined by another Alfa.

From here it was a short and pleasant drive to Kemble airfield, where in its vast expanse we found the Bristol Collection hangar and were joined by a Pininfarina Spider Europa. The hangar proved to be crammed with aviation, rocket and missile displays along with many other interesting items relating to the company and we also had the benefit of a knowlegeable guide.

The sun was still shining when we took our leave, although for many of us the journey home ultimately turned out to be a rather acquatic experience. However, nothing could detract from an enjoyable and interesting day spent in pleasant company.

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