What We Do, What We've Done, and Why We Do It!

Maybe you fear that most clubs are for cliques of dedicated enthusiasts and 'petrolheads' only concerned with technical matters or how much their vehicles are worth and how much they know about them? Well, we are different! The ethos of our Club is to use our common interest in Italian machinery as a starting point for a wide range of activities, rather than being a car or bike club in the traditional sense, although traditional club activities are also embraced. In this way our members have a broad range of interests, ages and backgrounds. Our events and meetings are intended to be enjoyable and of interest to all.

No matter what you choose to drive or ride, your age, your experience or your gender, we aim to please every member in a friendly, inclusive and sociable atmosphere where every member matters as much as any other.

From classic to modern, all are welcome.

Please see below for pictures and reports from just some of the events that we have organised and enjoyed over the past few years - just click on the headings.

  • Prescott La Vita Rosso 2018
  • Cardiff Italian Passion For Speed 2017
  • Bridgenorth Italian Automoto Festival 2016
  • Prescott Autumn Classic 2013
  • Great Western Italian Day 2013
  • Quay For My Car - Italian Stallions 2013
  • Classics At The Castle 2013
  • Summer Steamer 2013
  • City To Coast 2013
  • White Horse Canter 2013
  • Cotswold Clouds Classic Trial 2013
  • Great Western Weekend 2012
  • Prescott Autumn Classic 2012
  • Great Western Italian Day 2012
  • Classics At The Castle 2012
  • ADC To AV8 2012
  • Cider With Rotors 2012
  • Cotswold Clouds 2012
  • Celebrating Delta Diamonds 2011
  • Great Western Weekend 2011
  • Prescott Autumn Classic 2011
  • Great Western Italian Day 2011
  • Classics At The Castle 2011
  • Somerset Steamer 2011
  • Severn Circuit 2011
  • Spring Scrumpy Scamper 2011
  • Great Western Weekend 2010
  • Imber Visit 2010
  • Great Western Italian Day 2010
  • Classics At The Castle 2010
  • Bristol 100 & Bristol Aero 2010
  • Celtic Castle Cruise 2010
  • Great Western Weekend 2009
  • Great Western Italian Day 2009
  • Great Western Weekend 2008
  • Milan Trip 2007
  • Great Western Weekend 2007
  • Great Western Alfa Day Gloucester 2007
  • Great Western Weekend 2006
  • Great Western Alfa Day Swindon 2006
  • Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festivals
  • Articles

    Additionally, some of articles which have appeared in our e-Newsletter can be found on our Articles page.


    The Club was founded early in 2006, originally as a Section of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club . It operated very successfully in this guise for over two years, but then the AROC chose to take various unjustified actions against it and two of its members. These acts ultimately resulted in some members being prevented from continuing their long associations with the AROC, and others leaving in disgust, and so we became a more broadly-based independent organisation in late 2008. Anyone -particularly AROC members- wishing to know what led to our formation might like to visit our AROC page.

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